Carl Henderson appointed to the Board of the Chattanooga Housing Authority

March 20, 2017 | admin

We’re excited to celebrate Partner Carl Henderson’s 41st year in public accounting. In 1975, Carl started his career as an auditor with the IRS. In 1981, he brought his talents to HHM where he was made partner just one year later.

“HHM would not be where it is today without Carl’s steadfast commitment and unprecedented work ethic.” said Donnie Hutcherson, Managing Partner of HHM CPAs. “He doesn’t shy away from hard work or messy situations; he leans in. Carl has played a major role in HHM’s success.”

When asked about the most rewarding aspects of his work, Carl replied, “Relationships are what it’s all about. There’s satisfaction in knowing you’ve done a job that’s had a positive impact on a person’s business or financial success, and you see that that person truly appreciates the work you do for them.”

In December, Carl was appointed by Mayor Berke to the Board of the Chattanooga Housing Authority for a 5-year term. He will be using his four decades of public accounting experience to serve the community. Carl says he is looking forward to learning the ropes, so he can jump into assisting the board as they improve our city’s rapidly changing public housing environment.

“We always encourage our team to get involved in the community, and we know Carl will bring a ton of value to the Board. We look forward to seeing the impact he’ll make,” said Mr. Hutcherson.