Retail & Restaurants

HHM certified public accountants can contribute to the bottom line for retail and restaurants by analyzing tax issues through each stage of your store or restaurant’s life cycle. We can help you maximize your tax or depreciation deductions by performing a cost segregation study, reviewing charitable contributions of inventory, and determining whether to use book or tax treatment of inventory.

In today’s crowded, segmented, and highly competitive market, you need a forward-thinking, innovative team that delivers superior, customized solutions. The team at HHM are experienced professionals, seasoned in dealing with the range of demands that retail and restaurant owners face on a day-to-day basis. HHM strives to provide first-rate customer service – just like you do – and we take a proactive approach to ensure that you reach your true potential.

Services We Rountinely Provide to Our Clients:

Non-Traditional Accounting Services

  • Restaurant Employment Tip Credits
  • Renewal Community/Work Opportunity Tax Incentives
  • Traditional/Non-Traditional Financing
  • Budgets, Projections, & Benchmarking
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Restaurant/Retail Business Valuations
  • Tax Exam Assistance
  • Work with Franchises, Clubs, Quick Service, & Fine Dining Establishments


Traditional Accounting Services

  • Tax Preparations & Planning
  • Sales & Other State/Local Tax Services
  • Audit/Review/Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Compensation & Benefits Solutions
  • Cost Segregation & Accelerated Depreciation Strategies
  • Succession Planning & Wealth Services
  • Accounting & Software Solutions

For additional information, please contact Trip Farmer at (423)702-8148.

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