Georgia State Tax Refunds Being Issued

As many have heard in the news, certain Georgia residents will be receiving a refund in the next few months. In this article we will be examining what exactly the $1.1 billion dollar Georgia state tax refund is, what the qualifications are for receiving a refund, and how much of a refund you will receive if you qualify.

What is the GA state tax refund?

The Georgia Department of Revenue announced last week that it will be issuing a one-time refund of income taxes from the tax year December 31, 2020 if the taxpayer meets certain qualifications. The refund is a result of Georgia currently experiencing a revenue surplus.

Who qualifies to receive a refund?

To qualify for the Georgia state tax refund, the taxpayer had to file a Georgia individual income tax return for the tax years ending 2020 and 2021. The taxpayer also must have been a full-year resident in the tax years 2020 and 2021. If you lived in Georgia part of the year, your refund will be prorated. The refund will not be greater than the 2020 Georgia income taxes paid. If you filed your 2021 return on or before April 18th, 2022, you may receive your refund starting this week thru the middle of August.

How much of a refund could you receive?

Single filers could receive up to $250. Single head of household filers with dependents could receive up to $375, and married filing jointly couples could receive up to $500. No taxpayer will receive more than the taxes they paid in for 2020.