Third Quarter Upcoming Tax Deadlines

Earlier this year, many taxpayers elected to file an extension to get extra time to file their 2022 federal tax returns, beyond the original deadlines. However, these extended deadlines are coming up soon. If you have not yet filed your personal or business return for 2022, make sure you are prepared to file by the appropriate due date.

The deadline for third quarter estimated payments is also right around the corner.

Pass-Through Businesses:

The extended deadline for partnerships, multi-member LLCs, and S-corporations is Friday, September 15th.


Individual filers who have requested an extension have an additional month to file their returns. The deadline is Monday, October 16th.


The extended deadline for C-corporations is also Monday, October 16th.

Estimated Payments:

If you or your business make quarterly estimated payments, the deadline to make your third quarter payment for tax year 2023 is Friday, September 15th. Most quarterly state estimates are due on September 15th as well, including Tennessee and Georgia.

Most estimated tax payments can be made online at or a check can be mailed to the IRS along with an estimated tax voucher.

Corporations must make their estimated payments via electronic funds transfer. Payments can be made at