Employee Benefit Plans

HHM has an experienced and knowledgeable team of Employee Benefit Plan Auditors. Let us help you streamline the process of preparing your Department of Labor (DOL) filing. The key to auditing Employee Benefit Plans is not merely producing financial statements. Rather, it’s in successfully managing your plan – and HHM offers a proven methodology.

The daily operations of your plan isn’t always an open book, since plans are often serviced by third-party providers and implemented within your company by multiple individuals (or even departments). That’s where we come in. We’re familiar with the complex inner workings of employee benefit plans and can help you make sure your company is carrying out its responsibilities to your employees in an efficient manner that complies with governmental regulations.

In addition to executing the audit itself, our CPAs are able to consult with you to keep you informed of changing laws and regulations that affect your plan. Our personal, non-intrusive approach will make sure that your staff is satisfied and easily able to work with our auditors as we help your business move forward with an excellent plan.

Our team thoroughly understands the process and can help you ensure that your plan satisfies the DOL. Trust HHM certified public accountants to ensure an efficient, low-stress, and no-surprises audit experience.

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