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We revolutionize the recruiting industry standard by charging by the hour, rather than a percentage of your hire’s first year salary.

HHM Talent

Who Are We?

We discover top talent efficiently through our alternative methods.

HHM Talent adopts a unique approach to recruitment, focusing on hourly charges rather than a percentage of the first year's salary. With an average time spent per hire ranging from 10 to 12 hours, clients benefit from a significant reduction in fees of up to 70%. Leveraging cutting-edge resources and technology, HHM Talent ensures top-notch talent searches in various industries such as accounting, finance, marketing, sales, executive leadership, and administration.

Hiring Time

The average fee using a large staffing agency is 20% of a hire's first year's salary.

Re-Thinking Talent Management

Average time spent per hire by HHM Talent.

Who We Serve

HHM Talent offers recruiting services in most industries and professions.
This includes, but is not limited to:




Executive Leadership



Our Differentiators

We employ the industry's top resources and technology for talent searches, making the most of our already strong infrastructure and network.

HHM Talent utilizes the industry gold standard of resources and technology for talent searches, leveraging our currently robust infrastructure in this effort.

Working alongside HHM with its 40+ years of expertise, HHM Talent makes use of an extensive network and robust infrastructure to help find ideal matches for clients.

Hiring Time

HHM Talent charges by the hour and has seen the average time spent per hire to be
between 10 -12 hours.

Re-Thinking Talent Management

Most clients of HHM Talent see a reduction
in fees of 70% because of our innovative

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